Television – Venus (1977)

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Marquee Moon is the debut album by American rock band Television, released in 1977. It was re-released September 23, 2003. It is one of the most critically acclaimed albums of all time. Television was one of the mainstay acts that emerged from the CBGB scene in New York City. This album features the elliptical lyrics of Tom Verlaine set against the sparse yet complex guitar work of Verlaine and Richard Lloyd, and the rhythm section of Fred Smith (bass) and Billy Ficca (drums). The introspective mood of the album, and the careful, instrumental virtuosity of the band were arguably one of the first manifestations of the post-punk movement. Despite critical acclaim, the album never achieved more than a cult following in the United States at the time of its release, but rose to number 28 in Britain, partly because of a lengthy rave review by Nick Kent in the New Musical Express.

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