The Quick – No No Girl (1976)

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The Quick were a mid-1970s pre-new wave/power pop band based in Los Angeles. In their initial phase in late ’74, The Quick proudly wore on their musical sleeves inspirations drawn from 1960s British Invasion bands: (The Beatles, The Who, The Kinks, The Move, Love Sculpture); and were modeled heavily on the Angelenos-cum-British expatriates, Sparks (formerly Halfnelson). “The Quick” was previously the name of the band that evolved into Raspberries. Over the course of its 3-year existence, the band rapidly evolved a sound of its own, noteworthy for cleverly arranged three-part vocal harmonies, guitar solos frequently inspired by classical or film score music. During its brief career, The Quick succeeded in releasing only one full-length record and never played a show outside of California.

[Dedicated to Mats Drougge – via Jan Poulsen]

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