The Raspberries – Go All The Way (1972)

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“Go All the Way” is a hit single by the Raspberries, released in July 1972. It was written by band leader Eric Carmen, who also provided lead vocals, and co-written by Wally Bryson. The song reached the Top 5 on three principal U.S. charts, #5 on the Billboard Hot 100, #4 on Cashbox and #3 on Record World. The tune sold more than 1.3 million copies and earned the band their first Gold Record Award. It was their second single release, their all-time biggest U.S. hit, and appeared on their debut LP, Raspberries. The repeat of the words “Come On”, in the bridge or middle section, is loosely based on the “Come On’s” that the Beatles did in the song “Please Please Me”. Because of its sexually suggestive lyrics, considered risque for the day, the song was banned by the BBC.

[Dedicated to Kent Munch and David Rowley]

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