Eno • Hyde – The Satellites (2014)

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There’s new music from Brian Eno. It’s a collaboration with Karl Hyde, a painter, singer and longtime musician with the electronic duo Underworld. I’ve only heard this one song, but it’s a majestic pop tune with a good sense of mystery. Instrumental Eno is wonderful, but my hope here was that there would be singing, and at just about the two minute mark we hear Eno and Hyde singing in harmony. Eno is working with electronic drums here; Hyde plays guitar. Both of them wrote the words and sing. And in that big pulsing sound, amongst others playing piano, drums and more, you can also hear Eno’s former Roxy Music bandmate Andy Mackay on alto sax. A new album called Someday World will be out on May 6 on Warp Records. [Source]


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