Dan Bodan – Aaron แอรอน 아론 (2012)

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Digital, modern, romantic, like the exhale after a lost weekend of celebration. Dan Bodan writes love songs in a rent-controlled apartment in a city centre. While inhabiting the same realm as contemporaries like Frank Ocean, James Blake, MGMT, and Ariel Pink, Bodan’s songwriting is decidedly more traditional in the lineage of Sinead O’Connor, Tracy Chapman, or Scott Walker. Dan Bodan draws together disparate influences as if absentmindedly scanning the radio. Bodan composes songs as if tuning the dial through the conspiracy theorists and the right-wing demagogues, the Top 40 channels and the greatest hits from the 70s, 80s, and 90s. Only half-listening, his mind is somewhere else, with someone else. If the songs aren’t post-internet, they’re definitely post-empire, and a lot of them post-breakup. [Source]

Listen to the first blog single DP here.

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