The Only Ones – Another Girl Another Planet (1978)


“Another Girl, Another Planet” is a song by the English group The Only Ones, the second track on their first album, The Only Ones, released in 1978. The song has since been covered by several other performers. “Another Girl, Another Planet” is by far The Only Ones’ best remembered song and has become something of a standard, covered by several notable artists. The Only Ones are often considered a one-hit wonder due to the popularity of “Another Girl, Another Planet” although the song was not actually a chart hit upon initial release in 1978. The track’s first chart appearance was in July 1981, when it appeared at #44 for one week on the New Zealand charts, before dropping out of the top 50. More than a decade later, “Another Girl, Another Planet” was re-released in the UK in January 1992, backed with “Pretty in Pink” by The Psychedelic Furs to promote the compilation album “Sound of the Suburbs”. It appeared in the UK charts for two weeks, peaking at #57. The record is distinguished by soaring guitars, wounded vocals and Peter Perrett’s elliptical lyrics. Allmusic calls it “Arguably, the greatest rock single ever recorded”.

[With love to Peter Perrett]

Gerry Rafferty – Baker Street (1978)


The album City to City, including “Baker Street”, was co-produced by Rafferty and Hugh Murphy. In addition to a guitar solo, played by Hugh Burns, the song featured a prominent eight-bar saxophone riff played as a break between verses, by Raphael Ravenscroft Rafferty claimed that he wrote the hook with the original intention that it be sung. Ravenscroft remembered things differently, saying that he was presented with a song that contained “several gaps”. “In fact, most of what I played was an old blues riff,” stated Ravenscroft. “If you’re asking me: ‘Did Gerry hand me a piece of music to play?’ then no, he didn’t.” However, the 2011 reissue of City To City included the demo of Baker Street which included the saxophone part played on electric guitar by Rafferty. A very similar sax line, however, was originally played by saxophonist Steve Marcus for a song called “Half A Heart”, credited to vibraphonist Gary Burton, that appeared on Marcus’ 1968 album Tomorrow Never Knows. Ravenscroft, a session musician, was in the studio to record a brief soprano saxophone part and suggested that he record the break using the alto saxophone he had in his car. The part led to what became known as “the ‘Baker Street’ phenomenon”, a resurgence in the sales of saxophones and their use in mainstream pop music and television advertising.

Museum Of Love – The Who’s Who of Who Cares (2014)


Museum of Love is the musical project of Pat Mahoney (Founding member of LCD Soundsystem) and Dennis McNany (Jee Day). Longtime friends in New York, McNany and Mahoney found a similar sensibility and a shared vocabulary for interpreting surroundings, something that began with their remix of Battles’ “My Machines feat. Gary Numan” and extended into their creation of a full length record together. Naming their duo in ode to Daniel Johnston’s song of the same name, Mahoney divulges, “I had always loved the song, and had been thinking of what such an edifice would contain when we were trying to name the project.” McNany continues, “Pat’s a sculptor, I’m a painter, we make music and museums are sacred spaces and love is an elusive thing.” Museum of Love is the result of a songwriting collaboration between McNany and Mahoney, with McNany writing most of the music, and Mahoney most of the words. Together they edited and arranged the tracks in the studio. Mahoney says the process of collaboration was energizing, while McNany simply explains, “making the record was pure pleasure. Waiting for it to come out has been the hardest thing.” [Source]

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Holly Johnson – Follow Your Heart (2014)

‘Follow Your Heart’ is the first single from Holly Johnson’s new album, ‘Europa’, which is out now. Buy ‘Europa’ at;there are a number of limited edition, deluxe versions, some signed by Holly, so don’t miss out! Video: Holly Johnson. Record sleeve design Philip Marshal. Colour field silk screen: Lukas Julius Keijser. ‘Unleashed From The Pleasuredome’ October 2014 UK tour dates and tickets:

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