Mathématiques Modernes – Jungle Hurt (1981)


Medical Records is very proud to present the much anticipated reissue of the seminal French synthpop classic “Les Visiteurs Du Soir” by Mathématiques Modernes. Released in 1981 on the famous Celluloid imprint, this masterpiece has been out of print since its initial pressing. Mathématiques Modernes was the project of keyboardist Claude Arto and vocalist/lyricist Edwige Braun-Belmore. Arto has also worked with French bands Artefact and Spions. Also, to note, the late French producer Jacno also worked on the Mathématiques Modernes record. This gem needs no introduction to the fans who have enjoyed the classics from this era. The record is a very diverse blend of new wave, almost progressive arrangement, baroque melodies, complex rhythmic structures, and plenty of so called “cold wave” sprinkled in. The addition of horns was not a common finding during these times and is also represented on this eclectic record. Probably the most well known track, “Disco Rough” was a single as well as was later included on the popular comp, “So Young But So Cold, Underground French Music 1977-1983” released in 2004 on Tigersushi Records. It is staple in many DJ sets with its sassy lyrics and jagged synth hooks. The album features string arrangements which was somewhat unique to the new wave scene. Most notably, the track “Jungle Hurt” displays the wonderful arrangements that interface well with the synth textures and percussion. The track “A + B = C” has also been featured on various “Flexi-pop” comps and has a quirky melody accented by xylophone. The final track on the LP is an interesting medley of various tracks on the LP with interesting transitions. This LP has become very collectable for original copies and (when rarely found) is quite expensive. The original tape masters have been restored and remastered by Gilbert Castro of Celluloid Records. The sound quality is unparalleled. This project has been the collaboration between Mathématiques Modernes, Gilbert Castro, and Medical Records. The jacket features original reproduction artwork on the front and back. This record will surely need to make a mandatory arrival in the collections of fans of French new wave, early synthpop, and lovers of all things late 70s/early 80s. Presented on 180gram grey opaque high-quality vinyl in a limited edition of 1000 hand-numbered copies. Bonus insert included as well with interview of Claude Arto by Dave Segal plus other interesting tidbits.

EZTV – Dust In The Sky (2015)


EZTV are three American guys — Ezra Tenenbaum, Shane O’Connell and Michael Stasiak — who make American music. That’s all you really need to know when listening to their first released track and A-Side of their debut 7″ “Dust in the Sky,” recorded by Jarvis Taveniere (Rear House Recording / Woods). Getting in the maximum amount of melody and changes you can pack into 3:31, “Dust in the Sky” is the kind of song that should make you excited about what’s next in store for these guys.

FaltyDL – Greater Antilles VIP (2015)


From the moody chug of ‘Greater Antilles VIP’ – appearing in its original unedited glory – to Lustman’s own bruk beatdown version ‘Do Me’ featuring vocal edits by his girlfriend (“This one is for the kids” he says), the palette here is as rich and diverse as on In The Wild. Sidling back into widescreen territory, ‘GA 2 Tape outcome.z130583’ is the delightful result of an afternoon experimenting with what he describes as “prepared musical situations” routed and re-routed through a Tascam 4-track recorder and a battered VHS. Likewise, ‘M ///|\||\\\\’ and ‘P ///|\||\\\\’ are born of the same prepared piano set-up: one soft and one dark.

The reworks come direct from Lustman’s extended musical family – Planet Mu boss and serial innovator Mike Paradinas (aka μ-Ziq); Blueberry Records’ very own beats technician Brrd; and the relative newcomer E+E who resides in LA but pays homage to his Bolivian heritage, dedicated this remix to his great uncle. The overall sound is based on a style of Bolivian metal music that incorporates a breathy style of vocal with minimal music (usually fake piano or detuned guitar): “I’ve been wanting to write a song in this specific Bolivian style for some time,” he explains.

Tav Falco & The Panther Burns – Breakaway (2015)


Tav Falco, Arkansas born musician, film maker, actor, author, performance and visual artist, bohemian and raconteur – there is little in the world of “art damage” that he has not turned his hand to in the past thirty five years, but to those involved in rock`n`roll he is probably known best for his work with his Panther Burns.

It was back in the late eighties when they emerged – garage blues troubadours of the highest order with a stunning debut “Behind The Magnolia Curtain”. Back then Tav was aided and abetted by the legendary Alex Chilton, Jim Dickinson and Jim Sclavunos to name just a few. They cherry picked the songs from their collective past – the blues in all its hues and added an almost psychotic edge that saw them oft compared to The Gun Club and The Cramps, but in truth Tav’s take on the blues is far more nuanced with a dark depth and allure – here was someone who not just sings it – he lives it and along with fellow occupants of a swampland blues scene honed to perfection in and around Memphis, where a young Tav made his home base.

Having signed with Rough Trade I got my first chance to see the band in London not long after the aforementioned album release – a stunning gig, almost chaotic in places and the first time I met the man himself during my time as a scribe for the sadly long gone Sounds weekly paper. I was captivated and remained a fan ever since… now I get a chance to work with the man.

Wind on through those decades and in 2015 a whole slew of Tav related activities has everyone bristling with interest. First there was the highly acclaimed premieres in London and Vienna (where Tav is now domiciled) of his brand new movie “Urania Descending” – an art house film noir romp as one critic described it – back in October 2014. That was just the beginning and now as we get into a new year there will be an entire remastered back catalogue of The Panther Burns released, Tav`s award winning “Mondo Memphis” book is updated and republished, there will be a brand new photographic book and a brand new Panther Burns album and extensive touring in support of it.

That is where I come in, unleashing “Command Performance” on my nifty little label Twenty Stone Blatt Records – yup, a brand new Panther Burns album, their first for five years and something of a real statement of intent from a man and his band who hit new peaks of performance and showcasing not only Tav`s usual selection of the obscure and the well known from the blues palette but an amazingly broad selection of new original material as well. No resting on laurels either as the album sees the Panther Burns dabble in many new and exciting stylistic adventures… just dig the almost Motown soul of album opener “Breakaway” or the Dylanesque bottleneck shuffle and political bite of “Whistle Blower”. There is all sorts going on here – a bit of Mediterranean shuffle, some surf guitars, a dabble into country and Americana, a touch of 50`s rock-a-billy, some classic garage rock ‘n’ roll beat, one song has an almost James Bond mystery theme to it – there is even a rhumba!!

All in all “Command Performance” is a stunningly varied album and astonishingly good fun with real edge to it. With “Command Performance” Tav Falco & The Panther Burns set out their stall – the recent live shows have been incendiary, whilst his contemporaries fade into history Tav Falco is still out there – a man with something to say and some serious rock and rolling to be done, no nostalgia trip just raw vital music for now !!