Tame Impala – Nothing That Has Happened So Far Has Been Anything We Could Control (2012)


Lonerism is the second album by Australian psychedelic rock band Tame Impala, released by Modular Recordings on 5 October 2012. Like their previous album Innerspeaker, most of the recording was undertaken by Kevin Parker. Parker relocated to Paris in 2011 and “crammed into this little Paris apartment, which looks like a reclusive bunker”. The recording of the album was completed by late 2011, while the mixing of the album was started on 7 December 2011 and completed on 2 March 2012, with Parker again enlisting the help of famed producer Dave Fridmann after Fridmann mixed previous album Innerspeaker. Parker once again selected Australian artist Leif Podhajsky to create the artwork for Lonerism, after he created the artwork for Innerspeaker and its singles. The image for Lonerism was personally taken by Parker with a Diana F camera and edited by Podhajsky. Lonerism features a vintage image of the Jardin du Luxembourg in Paris, France. This image ties into the themes of isolation of Lonerism with a metal gate separating the viewer from the people in the Gardens. The red splotch in the corner of the image was actually an error caused by Parker incorrectly winding the film. The meaning behind the image was also lost on some people, which Parker went into detail and “I didn’t know whether people were going to get what the picture was getting at. Which was great in the end because I love that people can look at that picture and just see a picture of some people and think, “What’s the big deal?”, and some people can see the meaning; the separation of the person looking through the fence.” Upon closer inspection there is more going on in the image, Parker explains: “I love the expression of people’s faces in this picture. It’s kind of this snap shot of life, and the more you examine, if you’re going to get the vinyl version, you can really examine what’s going on in the picture. There’s some guy touching himself, I think, having some kind of fun. He’s talking to some girl and he’s got his hand on his crotch, and there’s a policeman, and there’s all this other sort of crazy shit if you look really hard. And the more you examine all these things, the more you realise you’re really just perving from the other side of the fence.” The sign on the gate, written in French, translates to “Dogs, even on a leash, are not admitted beyond this point” in English.

We Are Shining – Hot Love (2014)

Hot Love - Artwork

At the risk of sounding like Danny Dyer during a late night show on Debden FM, there’s no fucking about with this one, you lowlife thrupenny bit, get your norks out, I hate women. Hot Love begins like a seizure, all psychedelic guitars and febrile gospel vocals begging and pleading for human contact, like Danny Dyer in the queue for Chiltern Firehouse. Created by a London duo who’ve been in the studio with Kanye, this track is like a lost soul classic, raised from the dead and unleashed to terrorise the mediocracy with a rampant erection. [Source]

Dwight Twilley Band – Shark (1975)


Dwight Twilley is an American power pop icon from the pre-Ramones/Cheap Trick era that slipped though the cracks due to bad management decisions and the entanglements of the major label record business. Despite his debut single “I’m On Fire” hitting the top 20 on the Billboard charts in 1975, he’s still unfortunately not a household name. Some called him the American T. Rex and others the missing link between Big Star and Tom Petty, but any way you cut it, Tulsa, OK’s pop hero has risen he’s and ready to knock you back to high school. He’s appeared on Dick Clark’s American Bandstand several times as well as the esteemed Don Kirschner’s Rock Concert TV series the SAME NIGHT as the infamous Sex Pistols episode in 1977, therefore it never aired. This anxiously awaited 2nd single was shelved in the summer of 1975 due to close proximity to the overwhelmingly popular JAWS film, of which the management sadly decided it would be ‘too cliche,’ so we have rescued the track along with a scorching B-side from the CD-only ‘Great Lost Twilley Album,’ procuring two incredible PARTY BLASTER hits never before available on vinyl. Pure pop perfection from the early 70s powerpop era that will light up your life and cap off your summer in the best way possible. – Victimoftime.com [Source]


Interview with Dwight Twilley in Aquarium Drunkard.